Conference Vendor and Sponsor Registration

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Your vendor registration covers 4 attendees. Please use the fields below to fill in their registration information.


NOTE: Any unused attendee slots for your registration will be used instead to sponsor a student to attend the conference.  So, please let us know how many of your attendees slots you will use by filling out the form section below.

If you would not like to sponsor students or are interested in sponsoring more students, then please contact Karen Clark ( ) to discuss your intention.

If you require more information or have questions, please contact .

Vendor Advertisement Requirements

Each vendor sponsorship comes with an inclusion of an ad and logo in the conference agenda. Please provide an ad and logo by Sept. 6th to be included in printed materials. The ad should be 5.5”x8.5”.

MGC Sponsor FAQ

What is the date and timeframe for setting up our exhibit space?

Setup will begin Oct. 3rd at 10AM. Regular registration will open at 11AM and the conference will begin with lunch at 12PM. (we can make arrangements, if you will need more time for setup)

What are the dates and time frames for exhibiting?

Oct 3rd 11AM – 5PM; Oct 4th 9AM – 11AM

What is the date and timeframe for tearing down our exhibit space?

The last break will end at 11AM on Oct 4th. Exhibitors usually break down after the break and then proceed to the auditorium for the final remarks and door prizes usually around 12PM.

Is anything included with our exhibit space (i.e. table, chairs, etc.)?

One 6 foot table and two (2) chairs will be provided. (Please let us know in advance if you will need a skirt for the table.)

Is exhibit space cleaning provided or do we need to order this service?

This will be provided.

Are trashcans provided or in the vicinity of our exhibit space?


How do I order internet for our exhibit space?

WiFi will be available.

How do I order electricity for our exhibit space?

Electrical outlets will be available. (Please bring your own extension cords)

Are there any special shipping instructions and/or freight handling fees for our incoming and outgoing shipments?

Small and large items may be shipped to the address below during the week of and the week before the conference. Please schedule a pickup at the address below for returning shipments

University of Southern Mississippi

David Holt

Box 5128, Science Building

730 East Beach Boulevard

Long Beach, MS 39560

If you require more information or have questions, please contact