General Meeting Minutes: June 2021


  • Courtney Menikheim
  • Adam Terrell
  • Robert Gruba
  • Jenneth Roberts
  • Chelsy Money
  • Candis Butler
  • Nathan Blackledge
  • Danny Menikheim
  • Jim Steil
  • Karen Clark
  • Paul Barnes
  • Carlton Anderson
  • Chris Brown
  • Maggie Waldron
  • George Raber
  • Scott Trapolino
  • Haley Feather
  • Sean Gill
  • Randall McMillen
  • Cara Waite

Honoring Mike Miller

  • Mike Miller passed away June 3rd.
  • He was a charter member of MAST, helped write the by-laws, and did the research to get MAST established as a non-profit.
  • We will be naming the scholarship after him.


  • Collaboration of Information: GIS Professionals to Water Operator Professionals
  • By Scott Trapolino
  • Scott has shared the presentation slides here.
  • Presentation was well received. Members were engaged and asked questions.

Announcements from the Board

  • MS Geospatial Conference will take place October 21st – 22nd at USM Gulf Coast. There will  be an option to attend virtually.
  • State GIS Council has resumed meeting

Member Updates

  • City of Biloxi has welcomed a new GIS professional into the fold – Chelsy Money.
  • The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR) has a new intern – Nathan Blackledge.
  • MDMR also has made arrangements with the company Planet to get access to a database of daily satellite imagery worldwide.

General Discussion

Meeting Adjourned

June Meeting Reschedule

Remembering Mike Miller

To all MAST members –

It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the passing of Mike Miller last week. Mike was one of the charter members of MAST. He wrote the by-laws and did research on how to get MAST officially recognized as a non-profit. He worked as a GIS analyst for several years, taught GIS for a while, and served as a mentor to many entering the field of GIS on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. More than all of this, he was a friend.

His memorial service will be held this Friday. Given his impact, a number of MAST members, including a significant portion of the board, are expected to attend. For this reason, we will be rescheduling the June MAST meeting to Friday, June 18th at 12:00 PM. The location remains unchanged.

Thank you

June 2021 General Meeting

Greetings, spatialists!
The time has come again for our bi-monthly MAST meeting. This time, we have some very exciting news! We will be doing a hybrid meeting on Friday, June 11th at 12:00 PMEdit: The meeting has been rescheduled to June 18th at 12:00 PM.

For attendees who prefer to join us virtually, you can use this link:

For attendees who want to join us in person, please join us at:
          Department of Marine Resources Auditorium
          1141 Bayview Ave
         Biloxi, MS 39530
In accordance with current health guidelines, we ask that all in-person attendees wear a mask, as we will be inside and expect more than 10 people.

  • The meeting for the agenda will be as follows:
    • Welcome
    • Honoring Mike Miller
    • Presentation: Providing Rural Water Systems with GIS Assistance by Scott Trapolino
    • Board Announcements
      • MGC 2021
      • State GIS Council Update
    • Member Updates
    • General Discussion

If anyone would like to present research or work they have done at a future MAST meeting, please feel free to reach out to anyone on the board.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing all of you soon!

April 2021 General Meeting Announcement

The time has come for our April 2021 General Meeting. On Friday, April 9th at 12PM, you can join the meeting via this link.

  • Call to Order
  • Presentation: Assisting Providing Rural Water Systems with GIS Assistance
  • Announcements from the Board
    • 911 Association is trying to move forward with GIS addressing standard
    • Considering hybrid approach for MAST’s June General Meeting
  • Potential Future Talks
    • Differential Privacy (Jim Steil)
  • Open Forum

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Meeting Minutes: February 2021

Greetings, Spatialists! Our first meeting of 2021 went well. For those of you who couldn’t attend, here’s a quick recap.


  • Courtney Menikheim
  • Jim Steil
  • Matt Hiland
  • Aaron Doucett
  • John van der Zwagg
  • Corey Baker
  • John Cartwright
  • Karen Clark
  • Dusty Reed
  • Haley Feather
  • Kathleen Clancy
  • Robert Winkler
  • Sean Gill
  • Steve Walker
  • Randall McMillen
  • Coco Massengill
  • Scott Trapolino
  • S. Champlin

Presentation: Benefits of Imagery Content Programs

Presentation: The Micro-Region Concept

  • Presented by Sean Gill and Kathleen Clancy of Esri
  • Sharing out content from the community
  • Designed to be more of a forum, not just Esri sharing information
  • Community Calendar for events
  • Mississippi Micro-Region Site
    • Please note: Hubspot has an odd behavior where, when users try to sign in, it assumes the user is a member of the Organization that published the site. If you try to sign in, you will need to select “Not a member of this organization? Sign into your account on ArcGIS Online” at the bottom of the sign-in prompt.

Announcements from the Board

  • USM Internship Program (Long Beach and Ocean Springs)
  • Harrison County GIS Department GIS Analyst – Coco Massengill
  • NG 911 will be coming soon
  • GIS council will meet this year
  • Info on the listserv
  • Taxes
    • Non-profit taxes due in March
    • Form E-Z requires a number of attachments and extensive filing
    • MAST is 501(c)(3)

Member Announcements

    • Updated best available imagery service
    • Will send out county information packets
    • MDOT road centerline data
    • Census information is coming out, not all the data yet
    • Mississippi counties will be redistricting
  • Mississippi Atlas
    • Looking for maps
    • Team is open looking for editors, cartographers, etc

Our next general meeting will be in April. See you then!

February 2021 General Meeting

Due to technical difficulties, the meeting location has changed. Please join the link here.

Greetings, Spatialists!

The time has come for our first MAST General Meeting of 2021. We will be meeting next Friday, February 12th at 11AM CST. The meeting will take place virtually. To join the meeting, click this link, and wait to be admitted to the meeting. You will need a free Zoom account to log in.

This week’s agenda is as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Presentation: Benefits of Imagery Content Programs by AppGeo
  • Presentation: The Micro-Region Concept by Esri
  • Announcements from the Board
    • USM Internship Program (Long Beach & Ocean Springs)
    • Harrison County GIS Department GIS Analyst
  • Member Announcements
  • General Discussion
  • Closing

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of the board. We will be happy to assist you.

See you soon!

MAST Dec 2020 General Meeting

The December General Meeting will be held virtually tomorrow, December 11th at 12PM. You can join us via Zoom. When you join, you will be placed in a waiting room before being admitted to the meeting. This is to prevent bots or random spam from joining the meeting.

The agenda is as follows:

  • – MGC Conference Recap
  • – Updates from the Board
  • – Member Announcements
  • – General Discussion

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Mississippi Geospatial Conference 2020 Agenda

Click here to view the agenda for MGC8

Mississippi Geospatial Conference 2020

Greetings, All –

The time has come again for the Mississippi Geospatial Conference. This year will be a bit different, as the conference will be held virtually as opposed to in-person. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Who: Geospatial professionals, vendors, students, and enthusiasts. Come one, come all!
What: Gather together to discuss research, updates, best practices, new technology, and more, all with a geospatial focus.
When: October 15th and 16th
Where: Virtual! 🙂

Why: The MGC serves to connect geospatial professionals and interested parties across Mississippi and into the surrounding areas. This conference is our annual gathering to share our work with each other, connect with new individuals interested in the field, and discuss research, best practices, and any upcoming news.

How: You can register here.

*** Sponsorship covers a table and four attendees. For questions about how virtual sponsorship can work, contact Karen Clark

Additional Information for Students:

  • College and High School students interested in attending the conference are encouraged to contact Dr. David Holt about potentially having their registration covered.
  • Students are welcomed to attend, participate, and even present at the conference. This is a great opportunity to meet industry professionals in the area, learn about the work they do, ask about internships, and more.

For additional questions, please contact:
General Questions – Karen Clark
Presentation / Poster / Student Questions – Dr. David Holt

August 2020 Meeting Minutes


  • Paul Barnes
  • Jim Steil
  • David Holt
  • Karen Clark
  • George Heleine
  • Jonathan Simon
  • Mike Miller

MGC Announcements

  • The Mississippi Geospatial Conference is scheduled for October 15th and 16th with virtual and in-person attendance options.
    • USM will be open for the Fall semester with health protocols in place.
    • Research is being done into Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and WebEx to determine what the best options are for virtual MGC attendance.
    • [ Action Item | Courtney Kirkham ] E-mail MAST mailing list to invite people to attend the MGC
    • [ Action Item | Jim Steil ] E-mail MARIS mailing list to invite people to attend the MGC

MAST Non-Profit Status

  • Required information has been submitted and received by the IRS. Additional communications are being monitored.

Atlas of Mississippi

  • There is an effort being made to produce a Volume 3 for the Atlas of Mississippi.
    • There should be an Editorial and Cartography Board to review the project.
    • Several team members will be required to complete the project.
    • Atlas is expected to be printed as well as available digitally.
    • Dr. Holt says USM legal is reviewing the project for approval.
    • When the atlas is ready for publication, the expectation is to go through University Press.

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources

  • In July, the 2021 fiscal year began without allocating funds for MDMR. Note: This has been resolved. MDMR staff are still working.

University of Southern Mississippi

  • Introduction to GIS classes at USM in Hattiesburg will now use QGIS.


  • USGS, specifically George Heleine, is creating a fact sheet regarding the 3DEP LiDAR work in Mississippi, at the request of Senator Wicker.
    • If anyone has examples of LiDAR use for projects, please share them with George.
    • There will be complete statewide coverage of QL2 data by mid-October.
    • There is hop to complete QL1 coverage for the MS Gulf Coast and the Delta in the future.

Mississippi Department of Transportation

  • Mike Cresap, Director of MDOT, has retired.
  • There is an effort to ensure the work done under his chairmanship with MSCCRSGIS will be well defined and in place for when MSCCRSGIS reconvenes.


  • CMPDD is diligently working on converting to HTTPS.
  • Expect the grand opening of their new building to be in November 2020.
    • Jonathan Simon has offered the CMPDD conference space as a possible location for future MAST meetings.

City of Gulfport

  • The City of Gulfport is moving to Enterprise.
  • There is an effort toward upgrading many GIS users to ArcGIS Pro.
  • There is a surprise twenty-year archive of utility data that is now being integrated into the geospatial utility network.

Presentation: Difference Between the Political Handbook of the World and the CIA Factbook

  • This presentation was presented by Dr. David Holt.
  • The Political Handbook of the World is updated annually
  • The team maintaining the Political Handbook of the world is primarily composed of academic members.
  • The World Factbook is out-of-date.
  • The World Factbook is maintained by the CIA.

Closing Comments

  • Jim Steil thanks USM / Dr. Holt for providing the meeting service, and to all attendees.
  • Meeting is Adjourned.

Action Items

  • Courtney Kirkham
    • E-mail MAST listserve to invite attendees to register for the MGC.
    • Schedule September Board Meeting.
  • Jim Steil
    • E-mail MARIS listserve to invite attendees to register for the MGC.